Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Calling on the Prosperity Angels

The angels are divine beings of light who love you unconditionally. They want to assist you in any and every way they can.

Some of you are struggling through financial issues right now and others of you might be fearing what could happen down the road. The angels want to help you so you can experience more peace, freedom and hope.

The first step is to spend some time with the angels and ask for their help. Here are a couple suggestions on how you can ask for help.

  • Ask them to help you receive the the money or support you need.
  • Ask for opportunities or inspiration to earn or receive more money.
  • Ask for the connections, education or to the resources you need heal your finances.
  • Ask for emotional peace and freedom to believe all is well.
  • Ask for help in surrendering and opening to receive your highest and best better than you could ever imagine.
You can pray to the prosperity angels in general or you can specifically call upon Abundantia the Goddess of success, prosperity, good fortune and increased abundance.

A powerful prayer would be:

"Angels of Prosperity and Abundantia, please help me to bring peace, balance and an increased flow of abundance into all aspects of my life, especially my finances. Help me to be open so I may receive whatever I need and more. I am open and willing to receive unexpected miracles, help and ideas of inspiration so I may experience financial freedom. Thank you for your loving support."


  1. HI kAREN,
    Thank-you for your angel blogs and i have prayed the prosperity prayer. So glad to hear how your own life was transformed by the healing of Angels. I will try to open myself to the Highest of being so that my Angels contact me. I desperately need some kind of financial miracle fairly soon as things are a bit bleak anyway perhaps my angels will help me as they see fit.

  2. Dear Karen,
    I have so desperately asked my Guardian Angel for help every day. I talk to my Guardian Angel and ask her to please give me the happiness I so desperately need in my life. I even wrote it out in hopes to reach her with no evail. I admitted my faults, and if I may in another form send you what I wrote to my Guardian Angel? Maybe you can tell me what I am doing wrong? You have no idea how desperate I am and how my life's struggles are wearing me down emotionally and draining all my strength. I just don't know how much fight I have left in me....


  3. This is my opportunity to call on my prosperity angels/guardian angels to prosper me because i have worked 20 years for my poor family and now it is time to prosper myself and retire. please help me.
    mariapetruic@yahoo.ca i love you JEsus

  4. Aloha Karen! Mahalo for your positive affirmations. Mahalo for your willingness to unselfishly shine and share your light, your gift & your prayers with us.

    For us to understand & believe that our current situation is being resolved at this very moment is reassuring yet.... when we wake in the morning and our financial situation remain unresolved, regardless of our numerous & effortless attempts to resolve it, it creates doubt & confusion. Please help us.

    Please pray with & for us. We seem to (psychologically & emotionally) remain in a place of financial fear or worry. We are in the here & now. Truthfully and generally, the past maybe the cause of our having a heavy heart. The present & possible future, the reason for our anxiety. It is that, which keep us bound & not grounded. Perhaps a sign oppose to a word? Please support or for now...be the light that could help us to stand in the light of our angel (request).

    Once we have a little light, hope and that much needed boost, I know that we will get through this...together.

    ***I see money falling from the heavens & into my lap, my hands, my surroundings. I feel its solidity. With no expectations of retribution, no strings attached and with love....powerful & mighty love. I accept, deserve & claim the unlimited, financial abundance that is being given & sent to me (by means of the known & unknown sources)....now! The healing of my psychological, emotional & physical health with peace. And so it is.

    P.S. I will return & give back to the universe, community & to all those who walked with me through what seem to be, a difficult & trying time. And so it is.

    Mahalo nui loa Akua, Anela & Aumakua!

  5. many thanks Karen for posting your faith and affirmation of angels of prosperity, abundance and fortune in all good forms. I always pray to the angels of prosperity, abundance and good fortune- Archangels Raziel, Barakiel, Pathiel, Gadiel and Gamaliel for assistance in financial matters and I believe I am ready to accept and receive such financial gifts I prayed for. Let us always pray to God Almighty thru- our angels for daily needs.Amen.

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  9. Hi Karen,
    Thank you for your inspiration, I am desperately reaching out for help from God and my Guardian Angels. I so desperately need help with my finances, as I have lost my Job in May last year already dew to a emotional meltdown, I have survived for the last ten months on help from others and I am very thankful for that, God Bless all of them, my Friends, My Church and every one ells that was there for me when I needed help. I have send my Resume to so many paces and still no response. I have so many bills to pay and I only want to get back up onto my own feet and live a prosperous, Blessed and healthy life. I have taken notes on your website and will work with it starting today

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